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True Tales - From Mark Twain Land



True Tales (the book) will let you escape to a place in your imagination where life was simpler and
relationships were all that was truly meaningful. A spirited young man, his loyal and enduring wife and
their five children will live out their lives in front of you in a real-life drama. The actors are real, the
names are real and there is no attempt to protect the innocent or the guilty. These heartwarming
stories of their grit and courage will win your loyalty and admiration... and your love.

You will likely laugh and you'll likely cry, but for certain you will enjoy this front row seat as you
read of their action packed adventures. Don't be surprised if you find that one of the family
members becomes your favorite... even your hero, in this early 1900s pioneering family. You may
even find yourself ‘cheering' for them as the story unfolds.

Most of the drama in this action packed and suspense-filled book takes place on a seven mile long
Mississippi island called, Long Island. This poor farmer / fisherman family bravely faced life with little
more than determination and common sense ingenuity. Nature was both their greatest friend and foe.
Every day these elementary age school children had to cross two rivers each way in a row boat in order
to attend school the 12 years they lived on Long Island. Nature's wintery fury was not a thing to
trifle with and yet the island's summer afternoon comfort was a most pleasurable reward after a day
spent cooped up in a stuffy classroom. Their larger-than-life adventures--the joys and the
traumas--will keep you spell bound from story to story.

Passions of love, rejection, curiosity and nurturing run deep, yet when faced with life's crucible of
difficult circumstances this family continues reaching for nobility and honor. Almighty God was a
central focal point in all they did and without a doubt kept them alive through many harrowing
close brushes with tragedy.

What makes True Tales most powerful, is that the stories are true. Some of the family members
are not living today but those who are, almost revere those unforgettable times in their early
and formative years. When they get together, their conversations inevitably return to these
beloved memories. The retelling of these stories is always accompanied with smiles, enthusiasm,
animation… and deep affection. You may be surprised when you find yourself longing to
have lived at least a portion of their lives with them.

Happy reading!


Jack reading from book draft


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